We can be your Property Finder, an almost unknown professional in Italy, whose task is to find, on behalf of the buyer, the property of his/her dreams.

An Estate Agent, then? NO! We work EXCLUSIVELY WITH THE PURCHASER.

  • Where?

Our focus is mainly on LAKE COMO, ALTA VALTELLINA and TUSCANY
(the latter from Florence and Siena to Val D’Orcia and the Maremma).

Would you like to have someone you can rely on, who knows how to give you the best advice on how to make your dream of owning a farmhouse in the magical Tuscan hills, a villa with a lake view or a chalet in the mountains of Bormio or Livigno; territories that you have still get to know?


  • What?
  • we draw up with you an ‘outline of the perfect property’, with its basic characteristics (area, budget, type) and special features (e.g. with garden, swimming pool, land, etc.);
  • we alert our contacts and conduct the search;
  • we ONLY show you properties that meet your requirements;
  • we carry out due diligence investigations and prepare expert reports (which are also essential for assessing the real value of the property);
  • we study, if required, a renovation project and check its feasibility;
  • we maintain relations with all the technicians involved;
  • we conduct negotiations aiming at the best possible economic conditions and assist you in formulating your offer.
  • How?

Our knowledge of the area will allow us not only to help you make your experience unforgettable (allowing you to fully enjoy the beauty and good you can find in these wonderful places), but also – thanks to our extensive network of contacts and familiarity with specific markets – to offer you off-market, hidden or under-promoted properties.

We love our land and the skills we offer our clients go beyond real estate: we try to support our buyers by introducing them to the territory, the culture, the social fabric and daily life in these wonderful lands.

So if your idea is to change your life, contact us: we are your local specialists in luxury homes and lifestyle. 

  • Why?
  • to save time;
  • to have access to exclusive properties;
  • to obtain better economic conditions from the negotiation;
  • to have the expertise of a real estate market expert at your disposal;
  • to have a single contact person on your side you can absolutely trust;
  • to avoid pushy estate agents or sellers of all kinds – purchase without surprises;
  • to delegate the collection of all necessary documentation and to be sure of the property’s characteristics;
  • to have interesting proposals on investments in the world of real estate.

We very much value all preliminary investigations to identify the strengths and weaknesses of a real estate transaction (purchase, but sale too).

In particular, WE WORK TO:

  • Carry out a Due Diligence::

Prior to the purchase we carry out a full survey of the property, gathering all the information relevant to the transaction in question, namely:

land registry regularity (through land registry visas, plans and graphics);

administrative regularity (checking the ownership of the property; checking whether there are any encumbrances or liens; checking contracts for use and enjoyment);

structural regularity (structural condition; static capacity; structural safety);

systems regularity (legal compliance of utility systems);

town planning regularity (conformity of the building with the building regulations in force).

  • Draw up the Appraisal Report:

An expertise is a survey carried out by a qualified professional (engineer, architect, surveyor) to determine the commercial value of a property. To do this, a number of factors must be considered:

  • the square footage,
  • quotation per sqm,
  • the coefficients of merit,
  • the elements that lead to a decrease in the value of the asset.

The results are translated into a written document, the technical report.

  • Assistance during Purchase:

We conduct the negotiations and support you in all steps of the offer until completion of the negotiation.


By collaborating with professionals in the sector, we offer an active consultancy service for REAL ESTATE AUCTIONS.

Buying at auction requires specific and in-depth skills, which are necessary to avoid valuation errors that can lead to bad surprises after the adjudication. For this reason, our consultants provide the client with all the experience gained through years of auctions in various Italian Courts.

In particular, we take care of:

  • choice of the property;
  • study of Sworn Valuation;
  • on-site inspection;
  • participation in the actual Auction;
  • technical procedures.

Any examples? Check out our portfolio:


Rely on our expertise and we will creatively
interpret your wishes!