We want to offer property owners a comprehensive property marketing service that will enable them to take advantage, without worrying, of the new opportunities offered by the market, particularly in the area of short term rentals: from assessing the property and the most economically advantageous income-generating solution, to implementing the identified strategy and actual project management.


We offer a personalised consultancy service for all owners who want to optimise the income of their property and maximise their returns.

In particular, we take care of:

  • analysing the characteristics of the property and identifying the target;
  • studying the most profitable income-generating solution;
  • proposing possible changes to facilitate matching supply and demand.


We use the Home Staging technique, which consists in the professional fitting out of the house with the aim of suggesting to the visitor the possible functions of each room, in such a way as to stimulate his imagination and lead him, through emotional stimuli, to imagine the space as it would be in his/her own home.

Born in the 1980s in the United States, it is now used in Italy and all over the world as an invaluable real estate sales and rental tool, as it impacts on that very ‘first look’ which is so fundamental to the final result.

Did you know that the potential customer gets an idea of the house in the first 10 seconds of the visit? That’s the time you have to impress him

and we know how to do it!

We can boast of a qualified and recognised training, achieved at the HOME|Philosophy Academy, the only school accredited and approved by the International Association of Home Staging Professionals.

  • Who do we address?

Real Estate Agencies

Home Staging at the service of Estate Agents who want to stand out from the competition, increase their visibility and reduce the time their properties are on the market.

Private Owners

With this service, complete with furnishing and accessories, we ensure that the house looks attractive and welcoming, both on the web and onsite.

This service includes:

  • setting up of premises according to advice;
  • arrangement of furniture, accessories, shopping list complements;
  • any repairs by professionals/craftsmen;
  • Staging assistance;
  • photo shoot for the property advertisement.

Furnished homes need to be made neutral in the eyes of potential customers, with environments that are as fresh and as depersonalised as possible.

What it includes:

  • depersonalisation (indication of the removals to be carried out);
  • cleaning;
  • optimisation of spaces with existing furniture;
  • possible repairs by professionals/craftsmen;
  • Staging assistance;
  • photo shoot for the property advertisement.

Accommodation facilities

Interior Design and Home Staging are at the service of managers of micro-accommodation facilities, holiday homes, B&Bs and senior residences who, in an increasingly demanding market and faced with a wider and more competitive offer, want to capture the traveller already on the web, with seductive atmospheres and emotional photos.

  • What the advantages?

Advantages for Private Owners

  • Attracts more potential purchasers;
  • Generates more offers;
  • Reduces selling time;
  • Reduces trading margins;
  • Raises the target of the product;
  • No stress

Advantages for Real Estate Agencies

  • Helps in the acquisition of the property on an exclusive basis;
  • Improves performance on portals;
  • Increases the quality of appointments;
  • Offers a qualified and qualifying service;
  • Reduces management time (lower costs);
  • Reduces requests for discounts.


Ci prendiamo carico della gestione continuativa del tuo immobile monitorando il suo andamento economico e garantendo la soddisfazione dei tuoi inquilini.

In particolare, CI OCCUPIAMO DI:

  • predisporre i migliori canali per la promozione dell’immobile in affitto;
  • ricercare e selezionare gli ospiti;
  • organizzarne l’ingresso;
  • garantire l’assistenza durante il soggiorno.

Any examples? Check out our portfolio:


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